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Bahari is a documentary in the making about an ancient style of wooden ship called a dhow and a man that fell in love with them. It plays out as a call to adventure, to brave the unknown and set off toward the horizon to answer a calling to go deeper into the depths of human experience, a personal adventure of the spirit. A lure into the Old World and days of Indian Ocean sail trade, where forgotten empires glistened with riches borne by dependable monsoon winds and dhows. This illustrious age gave birth to the stories of Sinbad the sailor and documented in the travels of Ibn Battuta. But it becomes something much much more because to pull off a journey like this is not possible to do on one's own. It requires the collaboration of many individuals coming together and working towards a common goal. In the process, we find out what is precious and meaningful to each of us and learn how to nurture and share that. Ultimately Bahari is a very human tale of self-exploration and legacy and how to find ourselves in this day and age. 

If you would like to be part of making this dream a reality you can do so HERE.