A Dhow Odyssey 



Bahari (Swahili for Ocean) is a lyrical odyssey of a wooden ship known as a dhow and an explorer come father that is compelled to retrace their ancient passage in one.


Having walked the coastline of South Africa some years ago Daniel Snyders came into contact with the majestic dhows of the Indian Ocean and wished to journey with them. Years of research and time pass before he meets Ali Skanda, shipwright, dhow captain, and descendant of the early Arab traders that once sailed these waters and elicits his help.


Turns out a Lodge in the Lamu archipelago (Manda Bay) is restoring a large ocean-going dhow called Utamaduni (Swahili for Culture/Tradition). Together with a growing crew of like-minded legends, they set out to help restore and document the rebuild of this beautiful beast. The hope is to retell the story of the dhow in its passage through time, how it came to be on the East African coast, and its influence on the world of the Indian Ocean. But also to have an awfully big adventure. So with Manda Bay, captain Ali, the ship’s crew, and thousands of years of tradition behind them our character learns about the dying art of dhow building, traditional sailing, how to survive at sea, and most importantly how to find oneself.


A journey like this is only made possible by the people involved. It is with tremendous gratitude and infinite thanks to Manda Bay for allowing us to tell Utamaduni's story. Ali Skanda for your kindness and generosity. The growing team of craftsmen and enthusiasts and of course the film crew, Daron, Carmen, Gracie, and Dan. Last and most importantly our wonderful viewers and patrons, thank you for helping us bring this story to life!


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